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10 Tips for Running a Successful Market Stall

1. find a market that is geographically convenient to you for the sake of travel costs and time, the benefit of this will pay off at the end of the day when your tired and you're pleased it's just a short drive home, it can also mean you are local to your customers, making it easy and convenient for follow up sales.

2. Don't worry too much about whether you think this is the right spot for your product just find somewhere that you enjoy and are comfortable with the organisers, atmosphere and location. Find a site you like and stay there, customers will find you, word of mouth is the best advertising!

3. Be patient don't expect to make a million dollars in one day, go out with the intention to enjoy your day!

4. Research your products thoroughly,  so you are a source of knowledge and can pass on information to customers. Also find some interesting talking points and benefits to generate interest and make friends with your customers.

5. Set your pricing correctly, include all your costs but don't out price yourself with competitors. At the end of the day don't compete by price, use your talents and skills so customers are keen to buy from you as the added benefit of knowledge and service comes with the product. 

6. Always give out a business card and website/social media details so customers can reconnect with you, let customers know where they can find you "I'm at this market every Saturday".

7. Stock your stall with plenty of variety and try not to leave empty space. ie.  if your product is jewellery find products that compliment it such as scarves handbags, hats, and gloves. Always striving for the best quality, value for money.

8. Present your stall clean, tidy, simple and add your personal style or branding. Research and observe shop counters in department stores or other market stalls to find easy to manage layouts that will work for your set up.

9. Pack a bag full of incidentals such as hooks, scissors, double sided tape, clamps, rope/ string, sun cream, band aids, water and snacks. Pack a chair and shade cover or umbrella.

10. Enjoy yourself and make friends, if there is a hiccup take a breath relax and then find a solution.

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